Steps For DB Restoration on a Linux/Unix machine from windows machine

admin 06:35:pm Jan 29 2017

The various steps that are followed in order to restore the DB on a Linux/Unix machine from windows machine are:

1. Copy the latest DB Dump file to the Linux/Unix machine in which you want to restore the database from windows machine (You can use Winscp for that).

2. Now open the Putty and enter the Hostname of the database machine and select the protocol as SSH and click on the Open button.

3. Enter Username and Password.

4. Type sqlplus and press enter

5. Enter Username and Password given by:

Username : system

Password: /as sysdba

6. Create a tablespace in which our database will be restored as below :-

create tablespace "tablespace name" datafile "path in which tablespace to be created" Size 3G autoextend on next 1G

7. Create new user using following command

create user "username" identified by "password" default tablespace "tablespace name" temporary tablespace temp account unlock;

8. Give the rights to the new user

Grant resource,connect,DBA,create any trigger, select any dictionary to "user name";

9. Now exit from sqlplus using command "exit".

10. Now import the DB file in edts user

imp "username"/"password" file= "file name with full path" full=n fromuser="user name of source database" touser="username of destination database" ignore=y grants=n log="filename" buffer=1024000;

11. Connect to sqlplus through new user

sqlplus "user name"/"password"

12. Now check into the DB to verify the DB restoration.

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